Dumb Crook News

Before I get to the dumb crook news let me tell you about the “Lethal Luau” we went to.  The Lethal Luau was held at our church and it was a really fun murder mystery style dinner.  Our church held their first murder mystery dinner around Valentine’s Day, called Death by Chocolate, and it went very well. We snapped a photo quickly before we headed out the door. I’ve been waiting for the perfect day to put Evan in this particular outfit, and finally that day had  come.  Lovebug argued with me not to put Evan in this outfit, but as you can see, he didn’t win. Don’t pay any attention to Lovebug and I, we obviously do not own anything Hawaiian.

Okay, so on to the dumb crook news. Let me first tell you that there is never a dull moment at the Knight house. It all started around 3:30 Sunday morning.  Lovebug woke up to relieve himself and on his way back to bed he decided to look out the window.  And what does he see?…Three guys pulling on car door handles that belonged to our neighbors. He watched as the guys made their way down the street stopping at each house and checking to see if they could open a door and steal something. Last night was one of the first nights that we didn’t have a police car in our driveway. Lovebug worked Thursday night and blew his car’s engine up, again. Any who, back to the story. Lovebug wakes me up and tells me to call 911. He tells me what’s going on and then I proceed to look out the window. Yep, sure enough, there they are breaking into cars. I then start laughing at Lovebug because he’s starting to get so mad because he can’t find any shorts to put on. I’m sure I heard a curse word or two! I, who remain perfectly calm and in control, call 911. I tell dispatch a perfect description of the criminals. Deep down inside I think I’ve been waiting for this moment. I was so excited that I witnessed a crime and got to report it. As I remained on the phone, the po po showed up. Of course, the criminals ran into the woods. So there went Lovebug (in his skivvies) and the other officers in the woods.  So, what do I do next?…Go back to bed!  My job was done. Lovebug finally came back in the house around 6:30 am and told me they got one of the three guys and that they found their car parked around the corner. They also recovered some stolen items!

Dear Dumb Crooks,

If you are going to break into cars in the middle of the night, try wearing all black. Wearing white wife beaters makes you a little noticeable.

Try not walking in the middle of the street after you set a car alarm off.

And lastly, don’t come into my neighborhood! I have very good verbal skills when it comes to reporting crimes!

Your friend always,



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