We Were Flocked!

Look what we found today at work…

Of course, my security guard had to check them out and make sure they were safe.  He told those flamingos who was boss!

The boss needed his picture taken too. He is not the least bit camera-shy (wonder where Seth gets it from)!

We were FLOCKED! I must tell you that I’ve never been flocked before. It was quite an experience!

Our teen department at church is raising money for their youth trips and what a clever way they came up with.  In order to make these beautiful yard birds disappear, they are looking for a donation. So, we will gladly be donating! If anyone is interested in helping our wonderful teens, please call 843-871-2999 and ask for Jesse. Also, if you don’t want these flamingos in your yard, they are always selling flock insurance.

As teenagers, my husband and I were able to go on these same youth trips because of donations. Youth trips are a wonderful way for young people to come to know the Lord and/or grow in the Lord. Fathom That Marine is more than excited to be able to help! Thanks again for flocking us!


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