My New Hangout – The Farmer’s Market

So I’m a little bit behind on posting.  I’ve been meaning to do this sooner, it’s just that I currently have a 8 1/2 month old who refuses to go to sleep. Man, let me tell you.  That’s a post for another day.

I had a pretty busy weekend, even though I hardly left the house. Lovebug had to work so it was me and Evan. On Saturday morning we headed out to the Farmer’s Market. We were so excited that our friend Amy could join us!

I’m sure Amy is going to love me because I got this picture of her backside.  Amy has three children, so she had some serious shopping to do. I actually took quite a few pictures, but many of them were no good because my lens kept fogging up.

Some how this little guy keeps finding his way in photos!

Lovebug’s uncle, Marvin Knight, has a kettle corn stand at the Farmer’s Market. If you’re in the area, stop on by, he has the best!


So after I got home from the Farmer’s Market, I got to work on pureeing. Evan’s favorite dish this week has been his pears. So here is a step by step of the pear process.

Step 1: Peel pears. Don’t buy a cheap peeler, invest in a good one!

The pears were actually so juicy that I contemplated on steaming them. I still decided to steam them for about 10 minutes (mainly because im a germ phobic).

Place in blender and puree.

In case any of y’all were wondering what the bottom of my freezer looks like, here’s a peek. That’s frozen blueberries at the bottom. That is also another one of Evan’s favorite fruit pureed.

I know some of y’all probably think I’m crazy or wondering why I go through this trouble. I first started making his own baby food shortly after he started eating solids. I would spend about $25.00 to $30.00 a week on Evan’s food, this is not including formula or cereal.  He would eat about 3 cans of baby food per meal (usually 2 veggies and one fruit). To say the least, I was spending a fortune on his food. I do buy his meat canned/jarred. I have not mustered up the strength to puree any meat, nor do I think I ever will.


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