Some Days…

I need to vent. I’m giving you fair warning right now to turn and leave.

First question I have is “Why me Lord?”

So today was one of those days you wonder “Why did I even get out of bed?”. Well, I take that back. It was going pretty good up until 2:00 p.m.  To save you all the long, drawn out story I’ll keep it short and to the point. So here it is, I have this customer who comes to pick up his boat from being serviced, and he brings along his wife. I have never met the wife nor spoken one single word to her before.  Actually, I have never met him in person, but only spoken with him via telephone and he was always very cordial. So here she comes marching in with the biggest attitude/chip on her shoulder ever! From out of nowhere, she  begins to belittle, berate, and insult me. So, what did I do? I let her rant and rave and I kept my mouth shut, like a good, Christian business woman should. Normally when dealing with this type of situation I would get my boss/father to deal with her, but he got me today by leaving work early.

It makes me upset that this woman has probably gone around her whole life acting like this. I know what she was trying to do and that was to intimidate me.  Unfortunately for her, I’m not easily intimidated by a middle-aged, 5’2″, 220 lb, bleached blonde lady with 2″ roots. It was obvious that she was a pro at this. This is how she has made it through life. She is used to acting like this and is used to getting her way.

So let me remind you how much I felt tested. I can’t honestly say that I was the perfect Christian lady in this entire situation.  At first I was, but when she cursed at me I said something pretty mean back at her. So mean, I dare not tell you! And no, I didn’t curse back at her.

In general, us ladies naturally have trouble controlling our mouth. This is something that I have truly been working on. I think I have made progress over my 26 years of living. I have improved. Really. I have.

So, I know I got my test today. God obviously wanted to see how well I’ve been doing. I say, I would give myself a letter grade B. Well, maybe a B-.

After all that, let me tell you about the best part of my day. Me closing up shop early (sorry Father if you are reading this), walking in the front door and seeing Lovebug and Evan playing on the floor together. And, wait for it, Lovebug singing the “Reading Rainbow” song to Evan. After almost 6 years of marriage, there are some things I just don’t want to know about.

If you can’t remember how it goes, I’ll start it for you… “Butterflies in the sky, I can go twice as high…”


3 thoughts on “Some Days…

  1. Good job Jennifer! You’re right women do have a hard time controlling their mouth. It sounds like this woman needs God because she is not being lead by the Holy Spirit. Next time God will give you even more grace to handle the situation even better. It’s hard working for the public, keep your head up!

  2. ew how awful! I always hate it when people get sassy with me. I’m sure you did a much better job than I would have done! I get home on monday morning! can’t wait to see you!!! (and ever wants to see evan!)

  3. I’m just catching up on the Knight life posts. Okay, so glad I don’t know who this lady is because I’m not happy about her attitude with you! I’m so glad you handled it well. People like that are raised that way and raise their children that way, etc. It’s a horrible cycle and I just don’t get how people live with themselves acting that way. Ugh – I could go on and on about this. Think about Evan when people hurt you with words and I’m certain that’s great medicine!! Oh, or you can think about our eighth grade prom hairdos. That’ll do the trick!!

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