My friend called me this morning  and told me the good news.  Apparently Barbie is a little ladies man.  About 3/4 of a mile away, Barbie sniffed his way to a female Chihuahua in heat. I always knew he was a little lover!

My friend put up signs around his neighborhood on Saturday and someone actually called him this morning and said they had him. I was so shocked. I just knew someone probably picked Barbie up and was going to keep him.

So the lesson learned from this situation: Barbie is going to get neutered!


One thought on “YIPPEE!

  1. Jennifer! I typed in the name of your blog and put .blogspot after it. Oh my gosh – I needed that laugh!! I was sitting there reading it and the blogger was talking about letting her hair grow out naturally and I was thinking, I don’t remember her saying anything about that… then I saw her picture!! hahahaha Obviously not you!

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