My Little Barbie

So I’ve been really, really, really sad about this situation. My little Barbie is gone. Barbie is my 7-year-old, 5 pound Chihuahua that I absolutely love. He was born on Halloween, 2003. We went everywhere together!  Ever since Evan was born Barbie has been rebelling. By rebelling, I mean not listening to me, biting customers at work, wandering off etc. I guess he was jealous of all the attention that Evan was getting.

It all began when we had a family friend watch Barbie while we recently went out of town. Let me first explain that Barbie loves this friend and he loves Barbie; to the point that he would actually let Barbie lick his ears….gross, I know.   Because our friend is such an avid pet lover, it absolutely devastated him to tell me the bad news, so much so that he didn’t tell me until Monday morning at work (because he didn’t want to ruin my vacation). Somehow Barbie escaped from the backyard Saturday morning at his house in Crowfield.

This is the last picture I took of Barbie, just several days ago. I originally took this picture to post on our family business website. Barbie was our greeter, alarm system, attack dog and garbage disposal for work. He did such a great job that I even put him on the payroll.

Oh how I miss my sweet little Barbie.



2 thoughts on “My Little Barbie

  1. sorry to hear that. have u thought about putting signs out in his part of the neighborhood and check the spca there on 176? just a thought. talk to you later. 😦

  2. Oh Jennifer! I had no idea!! Are you okay? That was a stupid question. I’m so, so sorry!! Have you called the SPCA shelters to see if he’s been found?

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