So Much to Do

I’ve been running around like a crazy lady getting ready for our mini vacation.  This will be the first time leaving Evan and I’ve already bitten off all my fingernails.  I know he is going to be in good hands with this lady, Grammy.

One of the many things on my agenda to do before we leave is making sure Evan has enough food. So here we go,

Step 1: Get out squash, carrots, and a sweet potato

Step 2: Steam for about 25 minutes

Step 3: Hit puree button on blender

Step 4: Pour into containers and freeze.

For the carrots and sweet potatoes I usually have to add some water when blending.  This will help with the thickness. You can always add water to any fruit or veggie to obtain the right consistency depending on what stage food baby is  at.  Another trick is to blend the squash with the carrots or sweet potato.  Sometimes my squash comes out too “runny”, so by adding the carrots or sweet potato it thickens it up.  This batch of food yielded about 2 weeks worth of veggies for Evan. I would highly recommend making your baby’s food.  It is super easy, healthy, and cost efficient. 

So, I forgot to mention we are headed to see the Braves play the Dodgers.  Just look for us sitting right behind the Braves dugout. Lovebug insisted on these seats, primarily because he has a man crush on Chipper Jones!


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