Sir Phil Collins

I originally wanted to name this blog “One More Knight”.  I know, I’m so cheesy. Unfortunately for me, it was already taken. I decided to click on “One More Knight” anyways to be nosy and see what this hotshot was all about.  Well, this website was established to, and I quote, “Because No One Deserves ‘Sir’ In Front of Their Name More than Phil Collins.” Are you kidding me? This blog is about getting Phil Collins Knighted…seriously?

So I ran and told Lovebug that the name was already taken and showed him the website.  Guess what his reaction was. He loved it! Next thing I know he is singing “One More Night”. Lovebug is the biggest Phil Collins fan…creepy, I know. But shhhh, don’t tell him I told you.

Well, my crafty mind started brainstorming again and it led me to this “Living the Knight Life”.  I say crafty jokingly because I am not crafty or creative.  I already know, you all (y’all) love it!

Check his website out.


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