Wordless Wednesday

Right after I posted “Surviving Kindergarten” yesterday, I found this schedule floating around Facebook.


“LACK OF SLEEP” were the very first words Evan’s teacher spoke during the “Parent Info Night” we attended yesterday.  Our babies work so hard learning, they need their rest!


Since it’s Wordless Wednesday, it’s picture time – our Summer!

These two had the biggest thrill digging up potatoes we grew in our garden. It was like a treasure hunt searching for the buried gold. Everyone needs to add “planting potatoes” to their bucket list – it was that fun!

IMG_3870 IMG_3871

The original Chick-fil-A in Georgia.


Seabrook Island



Father’s Day at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island. I still dream about that grass.


And because I’m a FIVE year old boy.




Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Surviving Kindergarten

I think we are finally getting a grip on this whole kindergarten thing – the first two weeks were a little intense for us! The first day of school was no problem for Evan, it was the reality check he received when we told him he had to do it again for the next four days straight and then for the next 12 years of his life. He was coming home from school super whiny, overly emotional, and extremely irritable – my sweet and loving little boy was no longer being sweet and I didn’t know where this angel of mine went.  After talking with other moms about this, they reassured me it was completely normal and it will soon pass. Tim and I learned that these behavioral challenges were stemming from him not getting enough sleep. Putting Evan to bed at 7:30 every night (even though it’s still light out) has brought me my old child back <3. Moms, if you haven’t experienced kindergarten yet, just remember this tidbit of advice. I promise, it will save your life!

Overall, Evan is doing great at his school. He is attending a school of the arts where his special areas include: music, dance, theatre, physical education, and art. Tim and I are super excited about this new chapter in his life. Evan is an amazing kid who will do amazing things!

And here is a picture of my other amazing son at 27 weeks gestation. My best friend and I never made it to the Biltmore House for my maternity shoot; Big Girl right here had to move up the date because I was quickly outgrowing my dress 😦

Notice the extra chin I grew?

Or my jello arms?

I also have thighs that touch and jiggle.

knight-final sunflower

We decided that this sunflower field would be the next best location for complementing my dress. I’m pretty sure all sunflowers had smily faces and were singing and dancing to me.

My new name is Tinkerbell.

Thank you as always to my BFF at Sully + Willis Photography. I ❤ you!


Oh, how can we forget this hot mess child of mine you snuck up behind me and decided I needed a hair cut. Snip, snip, snip. Waaahhhh!


Star Power

Here’s what I’ve been crocheting for baby boy – a star afghan. I’m in love with this pattern! It’s fairly simple and goes by rather quickly. You can stop whenever you want, all depending on your desired size.


Needle size: F/3.75MM

SC = single crochet

DC = double crochet

Chain 4


Slip stitch in the beginning chain to form a ring. Chain 3.


19 DC into the ring. Slip stitch to the top of the beginning chain 3 (20 stitches total).


Chain 1. SC in the same slip stitch. *Skip one stitch, (3 DC, Ch 3, 3 DC) into the next stitch. Skip one stitch, SC into the next. Repeat from * all the way around. 5 points total.


Slip stitch in this stitch to close the star.  It will be the space next to the SC.

IMG_4316 IMG_4317

Slip stitch in next stitch. Chain 3.


1 DC. ( 3 DC, Ch 3, 3 DC) in chain 3 gap space (point). 2DC.


Skip over the SC space. 2DC. (3DC, Ch 3, 3DC) in chain 3 gap space (point).


Continue this sequence all the way around. Slip stitch at the beginning of chain 3 to close.

IMG_4323 IMG_4325

Remember, you can stop at any time. If you continue, you will follow this from here on out.

Chain 3. DC in each stitch before you reach the point. (3DC, Ch 3, 3DC) in point. Continue with DC’s in each stitch, remembering to skip over the original SC space.

IMG_4326 IMG_4327

This pattern is so versatile. Small stars would be great for coasters or pot holders. I’m currently in the works making more garland for my Christmas tree 🙂


Back to School

I can’t even explain how crazy busy life has been. Summer break 2015 definitely goes down in the record book for one of the most memorable – mainly because we’ve been living with my parents and my 10-year-old little brother ever since our home sold rather quickly. It’s been so good for the soul! We’ve laughed, and laughed, and laughed…so hard to the point where bodily functions became uncontrollable. However, all good things must come to an end, but only to move on to bigger and better! {read: fingers are crossed we move into our new home by the end of the week}

Summer has officially ended and my Evan is now a kindergartener! Today marked the first day and I still can’t believe how well it went. Evan did great, I held it together, and Tim was the emotional one…go figure!

IMG_4253 IMG_4254 IMG_4249

Reese and I are going to live up our “girl time” together until this sweet boy makes his arrival (him at 27 weeks).

IMG_4031IMG_4030The majority vote says he favors Reese. This was her at 27 weeks.


Besides getting bigger, I’ve been in full “nesting” mode. I’ll be back to share my newest crochet project I’ve been working on. Hope everyone had a great first day back to school!

Summer is in Full Swing

From the first official day of summer break kick-off, our days and weeks have been flying by – with loads of fun at every turn.

Summer break has only begun and we have a jammed-pack, full-steam-ahead itinerary. It’s going to be grand, but I really could use some assistance from my brain. It’s no joke what pregnancy (and children) can do to your memory and thought processes. Just as I typed that last sentence, I suddenly remembered how I was supposed to drop Tim’s dry cleaning off today so it could be ready on Monday. Oops, sorry, Babe! 

I also cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am 6 months pregnant. I have done the math over and over in my head and it still doesn’t seem right to me. I know it’s pretty simple arithmetic, but it’s still not sinking in. Being six months pregnant only means I’ve got three more months to go I do know every Thursday I turn a new week and this past Thursday I turned 24 weeks…I like to count week by week.  So all this became a revelation to me today when this little old lady asked my how many months along I was. After giving her the longest blank stare in history, I finally replied, “well, I guess 6 months”.  At that moment in time, that was probably the hardest math problem I’ve ever successfully completed. It’s a fact that I’m going to continue my week by week counting, because that will give me 16 more weeks to go. And I like that number a whole lot better than 3!

Here’s me at 18 weeks, picture courtesy of Sully + Willis Photography


Me at 21 weeks, picture courtesy of Evan


And here I am again. This time at 24 weeks – picture courtesy of my mom, Vicki. She took a quick little snapshot before our adventure to Charles Towne Landing with the kids. FYI: wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk approximately 3 miles if visiting this historic site. My feet were a sad, sad, sight upon our arrival home yesterday.


So, yeah. It’s amazing what a maxi dress does for me. Far less conversations get started with strangers when I wear a maxi. My worried husband reminds me daily to rest my legs and prop them up. And he’ll finish his lecture by telling me how his biggest fear right now is that he’ll come home from work one day and I’ll be an amputee. My husband is just so very loving and thoughtful that way

So I really need my brain to start functioning properly again. Here soon, we are headed to the beautiful island of Seabrook for one week. Immediately following that we’ll hop over to Atlanta – where we plan to visit the Atlanta Zoo and catch a Braves game. Then my BFF and I are headed to The Biltmore Estate for my maternity shoot. And after all that excitement, I’m finishing Summer off and going to my happy place in my Happie Camper.

93daf504-2c26-4894-914c-72375a937265.1.10 360f762d_original

How cute is that kitchen?!

Oh my, I better go. I was too busy focusing on this kitchen and not on my own. I’m pretty sure I just burnt supper! Sorry, Babe! Sorry, kids!

Show Time

Summer Movie Express 1 Dollar Movies
Week Dates Movies
Week 1 Tue June 2
Wed June 3
Nut Job
Week 2 Tue June 9
Wed June 10
Earth to Echo
Week 3 Tue June 16
Wed June 17
Week 4 Tue June 23
Wed June 24
Rio 2
How To Train Your Dragon 2
Week 5 Tue June 30
Wed July 1
Mr. Peabody
Book of Life
Week 6 Tue July 7
Wed July 8
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Penguins of Madagascar
Week 7 Tue July 14
Wed July 15
Madagascar 3
Dolphin Tale 2
Week 8 Tue July 21
Wed July 22
Muppets, Most Wanted
Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Week 9 Tue July 28
Wed July 29
The Lego Movie
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

The Southeast Cinemas Northwoods Stadium in North Charleston, SC (the one located next to the mall) has their kids summer movies for FREE! Movies are every Tuesday and Thursday @ 10 am. All movies are rated PG.

June 16th & 18th: Despicable Me 2

June 23rd & 25th: Hotel Transylvania

June 30th & July 2nd: The Lorax

July 7th & 9th: Turbo

July 14th & 16th: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

July 21st & 23rd: The Croods

July 28th & 30th: The Lego Movie

August 4th & 6th: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Just Like That

And just like that school is over…


We officially have a K-4 graduate – and one who apparently is too cool for graduation. Mr. Coolio himself won the “Best dressed and future CEO of Lego” award. What can I say? My baby loves to wear a good collared shirt!


And just like that it’s Memorial Day weekend…









And just like that… Baby Bug is 22 weeks and finally gets a healthy report!



How My Garden Grows

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Remember my concern I had about pallet gardening?

I’m happy to report that Pinterest didn’t fail me…phew! Every single one of my vegetable plants sprouted from their seeds and have grown fulsomely. Ah, it’s such a beautiful sight!



And of course the raised garden beds are doing just as well.



 Mother Goose would be proud of me.

But unlike Mary, my garden grows with coffee grinds and orange rinds.

We have no silver bells, just lots of cracked eggs shells.

My pretty maid is 6’2” tall and loves playing in the dirt;

a fine specimen to see, but the best part is: my maid doesn’t wear a skirt.

He does a great job hoeing and mowing,

but most importantly, he helps keep my garden growing!


When we’re not busy playing in the soil, you can bet we’re out in the boat fishing for dinner.




And this catfish was as big a Reese!


That night we had a winner, winner, catfish dinner! Unfortunately, silly me forgot to photograph the fried goodness 😦

Mother’s Day 2015

There are so many positive characteristics to be said about my mother, the list could go on and on, for days and days, for years and years, for decades and decades, for centuries and centuries, and for millenniums and millenniums. Get my point? Ha! She has always had a heart of gold and her motherly love has always reflected that of I Corinthians chapter 13:4-7.

vs 4: “Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, 

vs 5: “Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;

vs 6 “Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

vs 7 “Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.”

She is an absolute wonderful Godly woman. I could never say anything bad about her – all because she is a fine example of one who “talks the talk, and walks the walk.”

Whether she is going to her 10 year high school reunion…


or participating in her brother’s third wedding…IMG_3693

or sporting her Jordache jeans with her white leather belt…

or holding me tightly…


or birthing me (umm..why are there scissors in her pocket?)…


she has always carried herself gracefully and shown grace to others, whether they are deserving of it or not.

She always keeps it classy with a smile on her face, the law of kindness on her tongue, and the spirit of humility in her heart.

Even when other women are jealous of her outward beauty, she stills keeps her elegant poise.


I’m so proud to call her my momma and I’m even more thankful my children get to call her “Grammy”.  And a huge thank you for always keeping it classy (especially when other grandmothers choose not to). You are the real deal – and a blessing to us! ❤


Reese’s Big Three

Well, my baby is official THREE…waaaaaaaaaah!

When my babies turn three, it’s always emotional for me. Mainly, because they are no longer babies…they’re not even toddlers anymore…waaaaaaaaaaah!

My last time kissing my two-year old daughter:


And here was my last time kissing my two-year old son…circa 2011:


My babies’ birthdays are so bittersweet. Their new milestones, discoveries, accomplishments and their new-found independence to do things on their own is pure sweetness. However, I’m no longer able to rock them to sleep, smother them with my kisses and inhale deeply on the top of their heads and smell the scent of “baby”…those are the moments that are no longer and the ones I will cherish forever.

I choose not to take any of our numbered days presumptively; I’m forever thankful for my husband who works hard for us so I can stay home and raise our babies. I am blessed.


Now the Minnie Mouse party:

Cupcakes for everyone!


Ree’s big birthday cupcake


Party favor cookies



Piñatas are a blast; our new party must have. The big kids are blindfolded and spun repeatedly until dizzy.


And every kid’s favorite part – opening presents!


Thank you to everyone who made her birthday special!


Look at this sweet baby! He’s getting bigger and is no longer able to rack back…ha!

He had his big anatomy scan on Thursday (so far so good) and will be having another one. Sweet baby was happy in there and didn’t want to roll over and show us his spine. By the time this pregnancy is over, he’s going to have a 100 page book of ultrasound pictures. I guess he just likes his picture taken (or wants us to reach our insurance’s max out-of-pocket). Either way, he’s worth it!